Dr Brody Miller in Colorado

About Me

Recovery leads us forward

People often ask how I got here. What led me to naturopathic medicine? To better understand what I do and why I do it, allow me to provide a little background on my own healing journey and what has brought me here, to this moment.

How did I get here?

In 2016, while speaking to my Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, I experienced three grand mal seizures.

I woke up in hospital 2,500 miles from any friends or family. To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever felt mental or emotional pain like that. The MRI uncovered a cavernous malformation on my left frontal lobe—leaking blood in the rest of my brain. I was put on a medication called Keppra to help control my seizures.

A week later, I started feeling even more delusional and confused. My behavior became so wild that I was taken to a psychiatric ward for a short period of time. Following that incident, I was put on another medication—but it didn’t work as I continued to have seizures. Shortly after, I underwent a 6-hour brain surgery to remove the malformation (which was essentially a benign brain tumor). Now it was time to recover.

Brody in Hospital
Autumn in Colorado

“Every second we choose to nourish ourselves in a way that supports or depletes our lives; to breath deep and life-affirming breaths or shallow, life-denying ones.”

Gregg Braden, Author & Scientist

In search of the light

I ultimately moved back to North Carolina to be with my family. At this point, I had just finished my second drug rehabilitation program and was a college dropout with a criminal record. The medications prescribed by my doctors seemed to only make me more impulsive, angry and aggressive. As you can imagine, it was hard to see the light through the storm.

Amidst an endless search for more effective medical opinions, I developed chronic neuropathy in both my forearms. My seizures continued, I began using drugs again and found myself contemplating suicide.

Of course the pandemic didn’t help matters. During this time, I lost someone very close to me, relapsed (again), was arrested for DUI and served 60 days in county jail.

My Low Point
Hope for Recovery

Tao Philosophy

Watch your thoughts, for they become your words, watch your words for they become your actions, watch your actions for the become your habits, and watch your habits for they become your character.

Here we are

Finding hope in transformation

My own stored trauma and fears were inhibiting my ability to heal. Despite what doctors called a “damaged brain” I was determined to change my daily habits, actions and thoughts. Combining focused breathing sessions with deep meditation really changed my focus. The teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza completely transformed my world and understanding of healing the human body at the functional (and quantum) level. It humbled me beyond measure and made me see there was so much to learn.

In 2024, I graduated with my PhD in Naturopathic Medicine and am feeling at more peace than any other time in my life. I now feel absolutely dedicated to teaching others to use the skills I learned, so that they too can change their lives.

Happy Doctor

My biggest accreditations

Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine
International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine (2024)

“Efficacy of Mindfulness Meditation on Traumatic Brain Injury”
My 137-page research dissertation paper. Contact me to read it.

Neuroscience certifications

Certificate in the Foundations of Neuroleadership
The NLI Institute (2019)

Certificate in the Neurobiology of Everyday Life
The University of Chicago (2018)

Certificate in the Brain and Space
Duke University (2019)

Certificate in Visual Perception and Brain
Duke University (2019)

Certificate in the Resilient Heart™ Trauma Sensitive Course
The Heartmath Institute (2024)

Certified Quantum Health Coach
Quantum University (2023)